Government New Boosting Schemes For Cashless Transactions

       Published : Dec 15, 2016 17:57 IST    

Government New Boosting Schemes For Cashless Transactions

Several strategies were taken by the government to boost the cashless transactions. Now Government comes with 2 path breaking schemes that urges people for Digital payments. It rewards people with these schemes using cashless transactions. One is Lucky Grahak Yojna and other is Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana.

Lucky Grahak Yojna

- 15,000 consumers using Digital payments shall win a cash-back prize of Rs 1000 daily.

- Consumers using Digital payments shall also win weekly prizes worth Rs 1 lakh, Rs 10000 and Rs. 5000

Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana

- Merchants and Traders using digital transactions stand to win a prize of Rs 50000, Rs 5000 and Rs. 2500 weekly.

- 7000 traders stand to win these prizes.

Mega prizes

3 Mega prizes of consumers and 3 mega prizes for merchants/traders will be announced on 14th April 2017.

- for consumers prizes worth Rs 1 crores, Rs 50 lakh and Rs 25 lakh

- for merchants/traders prizes worth Rs 50 lakh, Rs 25 lakh and Rs 12 lakh

  •  The scheme focuses on aspirations of poor, neo middle class and middle class
  •  Incentives restricted to cashless transactions within range of Rs 50 to Rs 3000
  •  The poorest of poor will be eligible for the rewards by using USSD
  •  People in villages and rural areas to win the rewards through AEPS
  •  30 crore Rupay Cards holders stand to win rewards in large numbers
  •  All smart phone users can use UPI toavail a chance to win rewards.

Go Digital Get Benefits – Narendra Modi

Government New Boosting Schemes For Cashless Transactions

Government New Boosting Schemes For Cashless Transactions

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