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GST Bill Passed Unanimously

GST Bill Passed Unanimously

GST Bill Passed Unanimously

The long pending Constitution Amendment Bill GST has been cleared with two thirds of members in the Parliament house and state legislatures.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated MPs and showed gratitude towards leaders and members of all parties for their support.

'Our MPs must be congratulated for their path breaking decision to give India an indirect tax system for the 21st century. We continue to work with all parties & states to introduce a system that benefits all Indians & promotes a vibrant & unified national market. This reform will promote @makeinindia, help exports & thus boost employment while providing enhanced revenue. I would like to add that GST will also be the best example of cooperative federalism. Together we will take India to new heights of progress,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on his social media page.

AIADMK with has 13 MPs in Rajya Sabha made six amendments to be considered by the center. AIADMK wants petroleum project, crude oil and tobacco out of GST. Others demands are also made by the party. The party walked out from Rajyasabha at the time of voting. It states AIADMK neither support nor voted against the bill. It means it is lending half support to the bill.

AIADMK MP in the Rajya Sabha said 'Tamil Nadu will lose 9270 crores due to GST and this is not a small amount”. He also added 'It is a well-known fact that Tamil Nadu is a manufacturing state. It is also known that this method of taxation is destination-based. We strongly oppose that,' he said.

Finance Minister Arun Jailey thanked the political parties and members supported this bill. He said this is a historic event.

'Passing 122 Const. amend. Bill 2014 #GST in RS today is a historic event. It would herald one market-one nation, a way to #TransformingIndia. #GST once enforced in the country, it would boost GDP growth, attract higher investment and would promote #EaseOfDoingBusiness in India. I express gratitude towards all political parties for supporting the historic #GSTBill , this is a big step towards,' Finance Minister stated in his social media page.

GST Bill Passed Unanimously

GST Bill Passed Unanimously

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