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Heavy rains at Chennai educational centers again closed

Heavy rains at Chennai educational centers again closed

Again heavy rain attacked Chennai and surrounding areas from Monday evening. As per the earlier forecast of weather from various sources, the rain hits the city heavily. Chennai was calm for 4 days without rain; people were trying to get into normal life after heavy floods and rain. Schools and colleges were opened after a long leave.

Again on Tuesday all schools and colleges remain shut due to heavy rain from Monday night. Sub urban train services were halted. There is heavy traffic in most of the places. The vehicles can't move for more than two hours due to traffic. The schools and colleges at Chennai, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Thiruvallur were closed. The weather forecast says still there is a low pressure in Bay of Bengal and predicted heavy rains in some places.

CM ordered to postpone the half yearly exams for the school students and it could be conducted on January.

From Chembarambakam reservoir, government opened the water of about 20,000 cubic feet to Adyar River. So people were given flood warning and the people living besides Adyar River were asked to move to the safer place.

Roads were severely damaged by the over rain. There was continuous rainfall all throughout night at Chennai. The rainfall recorded at 8:30am on Tuesday is 3 cm.

In 12 hours Chennai received up to 6.4 cm rain on Tuesday. It could have reached more rain still now. People were suffering a lot again at Chennai due to heavy floods and traffic. Motorist should be careful while riding, because most of the roads are heavily damaged. The road near the Madhya Kailash on Monday had carved and the traffic police redirected the vehicles.

Airport also logged with water and flight operations also suspended. Airport was closed and the opening date is not announced. Many trains from Chennai have been cancelled due to overflow of water at the railway tracks. Until now 188 people lost their lives due to the heavy rainfall and floods in this month.

Yesterday Prime Minister assured to support Tamilnadu government in all ways. He had tweeted 'Spoke to Jayalalithaa ji on the flood situation in parts of Tamil Nadu. Assured all possible support & cooperation in this unfortunate hour.'

Forecast report says it is expected heavy rainfall on Wednesday at Chennai and the coastal districts and it is expected to could cross the state today.

Chennai Corporation Help line numbers

Tree fall, Waterlogging  - 1913

Sewage overflow  -  45674567, 22200335

State Emergency  -  1070

District Emergency  -  1077

Electricity  -  1912

Fire & Rescue  -  101

Heavy rains at Chennai educational centers again closed

Heavy rains at Chennai educational centers again closed