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Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder.

The Special Investigation Team that investigating the Bangalore based journalist Gowry lankesh's murder now stepped into a major breakthrough in the case. The SIT had arrested a 37 years old male in the Mandya district of Karnataka who is suspected for his connection in the brutal murder of Gowry lankesh.

Anucheth, chief officer of the SIT reported that the team had arrested the important suspect in the journalist murder and he has been presented before the magistrate of Bangalore Metropolitan and taken into custody for interrogation.

The chief officer continued that the suspect Naveen Kumar has been first marked by the crime branch on February 19 and later lifted up from the busiest bus station of Bangalore for possessing illegal arms. The SIT has ceased some Bullets from him that matches the kind of bullets that used for killing journalist Gowry lankesh. Naveen Kumar was a member of Hindu Yuva Seva, hailed from Birur of Chikmangalore district.

The officer said that fortunately, the SIT has entered in a major door of clues in the journalist's murder. However, the suspicion may be confirmed only after the further interrogation with Naveen Kumar.

Gowry Lankesh, an active social worker apart from her profession as a journalist, popularly known for her boldness in speeches and her direct involvement in raising voice over any social unpleasantness. She was shot dead before her house by two unidentified mobs in September 2017.

The SIT chief Anucheth said the bullets that they ceased from the Naveen Kumar also matches with the bullets used for killing Prof. Kalburghi in 2015.

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Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder.

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder

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