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History Never Forgets Volunteers of Chennai Floods 2015

History Never Forgets Volunteers of Chennai Floods 2015. Cyclonic rainfall hit Chennai on the middle of November and it became worst from December 1. It has received more than 3 times of its normal rainfall on the November month. As per the Skymet data in November month alone it received 1218.6 mm rainfall which is almost thrice its normal rain of 407 mm.

On December 1, within 12 hours Chennai had received 272 mm rainfall which is twice as its normal rainfall in December month.

On December 2, rainfall recorded of about 374 mm in 24 hours which normal rainfall of December month will be only 191 mm. Chennai has recorded highest rainfall in 100 years of its history.

On further days the rainfall was largely reduced and as per December 6, it has recorded 21mm of rainfall. It has given way for the rescue and relief works at large extent. On December 1 and 2, rescue workers found hard to reach the people who stranded in the flood. Meanwhile large volunteers were greatly involved in both rescue and flood relief works.

Government had deployed over 50 teams of NDRF, Army and Air Force into the operations. They have rescued nearly 20,000 people stranded by flood in various areas, they came from 3rd day. Apart from Army, from the Day 1 - social organizations, volunteers have greatly been involved.  The rescued people were taken to the relief camps safely by the volunteers. They mingled with the government force and done all the possible help to them. Volunteers came from all parts of the state and done full-fledged work for the Chennai and Cuddalore people.

Basic necessary and relief material came from almost every districts of Tamilnadu. Coimbatore, Erode, Kanyakumari, Salem, Madurai, Thiruvarur and also other districts have sent many trucks of materials like dresses, sanitary napkins, food, water bottles, vessels and all basic needs of the people.

The support and help came from different categories of people. Neighboring state and center did their support in all means. Kerala government had sent food to the affected people and it is also sending 10000 pairs of gloves and other materials as per Tamilnadu government request. Almost all language celebrities and actors were giving full support to the flood victims.

As per the report today, the rescue works was completed and the volunteers + rescue teams are concentrating on the relief works. Some of the volunteers and celebrities ended their relief works and concentrating on the rehabilitation works which are most wanted for the flood affected people. They have to start their life from the beginning; they are in need of every basic material from shelter, food to clothes and children's education. They have pushed to reconstruct their livelihood.

In spite of heavy rain and worst affected areas, volunteers and Army personnel did not stop their works. Many Volunteers who are working for rescue operations should be cautious about their safety and they should cooperate with the local police, NDRF and Army men. To avoid infections, they are advised to wear gloves and mask. There are various other guide lines for the volunteers about what they should and should not do while involved in the works.

Those who involved fully in the ground work must cover the legs and hands; they should take tetanus injection. Some organizations are providing Tetanus for the real heroes (volunteers) in the Chennai and Cuddalore floods.  Whole Tamilnadu salutes the real heroes who worked sincerely day and night giving their full efforts without considering their health to save the flood affected people. The people from other districts are still collecting and sending all relief materials even though they have to come across various issues.

This shows what ever happens, we live for each other. This article may has less write-ups but there's no words to express about people who has shown their love towards victims.

Our Minister for External affairs already announced for retrieving new passport without any charges.

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History Never Forgets Volunteers of Chennai Floods 2015

History Never Forgets Volunteers of Chennai Floods 2015

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