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History of TASMAC and Solution

History of TASMAC and Solution

During the British government, in order to increase the income they introduced liquor shop throughout India. Due to Gandhiji’s huge opposition, British government proclaimed the liquor should be taken by the people above the age 40 and also in a particular place.

Our former and Unique Chief Minister Rajaji in the year 1937 and 1952 when he got the power as a chief minister he banned the liquor consumption. For about 19 years Tamilnadu is free from liquor, in 1971 M. Karunanidhi Sir, who elected as chief minister and opened the liquor shop and it was continued by the farmer Chief Minister MGR in the 1984 onwards. In 1991 when the present chief minister Jayalalitha came to power she closed all the liquor shops and again she opened in 2001. Then the government itself took over the liquor shop as TASMAC from 2003.

When M. Karunanidhi Sir elected again as chief minister in 2006, gave license to another 5 liquor production companies and expanding the production.

What is the Solution

Due to the increase in TASMAC many young men, average and poor farmers, daily wages people is vastly affected. It increased the robbery, activities against children and women, loss of money and more. Children and young girls are also drinking the liquor is seen vastly today.

It is better to undergo complete prohibition against the liquor. If Government struggles in this, it can bring step by step action to reach complete prohibition.

Government can stay away from the TASMAC

If Government can't bring the complete prohibition for the liquor shop, it can handle this in alternative ways. This may not lead government to loss income and it improves the standard.

Many experts has the plan to overcome the loss to the government. Many NRI are ready to help the Government in collecting the fund if it take the prohibition against the liquor.

In a letter from the Singapore lives Tamil people to the government states that if Tamilnadu government prohibit the liquor, it will find solution too many society issues made by the alcoholic addict persons. The loss of income to the government can be compensated by raising the fund from various sources and we the foreign living citizens will lend our help to the government in all aspects.

History of TASMAC and Solution

History of TASMAC and Solution