Hyderabad Traffic Police Garland People Urinating in Public

       Published : Feb 23, 2016 15:07 IST    

Hyderabad Traffic Police Garland People Urinating in Public

Hyderabad traffic police found the new technique to change the people minds urinating in public. They planned to handle people with the new method. Traffic police in Mahankali started garlanding the people who were caught by them during urinating in the public places.

Along with this campaign traffic police associated with 15 volunteers from city based NGO Lokashemam Foundation worked together to clean the city footpath at Secunderabad station.

They caught the people and garlanded them. After that they calmly told not to urinate in public to them. At first when they caught they were feared about the police and they use to think they will be punished and jailed. When they were garlanded and requesting them to use public toilets made them excited about the police treatment. It made them ease and to rethink about their activity.

The traffic police say every day 20 people will be caught by this act. This approach will be so effective in a long run they say. Police team goes round for this campaign from 11:30pm to 5:00am which is non peak hours. The police official says if this is followed in every station and this twin city will become a clean city. The campaign is headed by Mahankali traffic police station inspector T. Ramaswamy. He said this campaign is a social work and it is the contribution towards the government's Swachh Hyderabad Campaign.

This is an effective trick by the traffic police to stop the people urinating in public. This friendly treatment definitely changes their mind to not do it again. It should be followed in all parts of our country to get a clean and neat India. Lot of us always thinks about it when we cross a bad smell at our road side and in public places. People should co-operate with the government to make success of these campaigns.

Hyderabad traffic police does good job in making their city clean. Congrats to these traffic police for making their people so proud of them.

Hyderabad Traffic Police Garland People Urinating in Public

Hyderabad Traffic Police Garland People Urinating in Public

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