Hydrocarbon Extraction Project In Neduvasal: Tension Prevails

       Published : Feb 17, 2017 15:55 IST    

Hydrocarbon Extraction Project In Neduvasal: Tension Prevails

Tension prevails in Neduvasal and its surrounding regions about the Hydrocarbon extracting project that was signed by central and state government. People had staged protest in this region in Pudukottai district when they heard information about the government had signed to extract hydrocarbon in their land from the unconfirmed sources.

About 200 people in and around the village have assembled under the head of former Councillor Dakshinamoorthy near the bus stand. District collector have ordered field level inquiry regarding this and will submit to the state government.

Central government had cancelled the Methane project after various protests and the request from Late CM Jayalalitha last year.

Extracting natural gas from the land causes dangerous effects to the people and the surroundings. Large amount of underground water will be extracted during the process. About 1000 to 5000 m hole will be dug vertically and horizontally inside the land. Gases, crude and huge amount of water will be extracted. Usually this type of project will be held at seashore places to use the sea water for the process but in Neduvasal they will extract huge underground water for the process.

The region is fully based of bore well water for agriculture which will be lost if the project is implemented. The project will have worst effects on water and farming in those regions. While doing gas explosion in this project the poisonous gases like sox, nox, co2, co and others.

Latest technology to measure these gas levels and securing the environment is very hard in developing countries like India says the report.

Here is the video of oil expert saying dangerous involved in the project. He urges people and government to save farming and save Tamil Nadu.

Central Government Cancelled Methane Project In Tamil Nadu

Hydrocarbon Extraction Project In Neduvasal: Tension Prevails

Hydrocarbon Extraction Project In Neduvasal: Tension Prevails

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