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Impact of Information Technology on Agriculture

Impact of Information Technology on Agriculture

Impact of Information Technology on Agriculture. There always prevails wrong views about the IT people today, as they are the main cause of prize hikes of various products in the state. Particularly agriculture people are misunderstanding the IT professionals due to various causes.

I wish to clear their wrong views about IT people and wanted you to know about how Information Technologies are useful in farming. It is not anybody fault in this issue, either IT or Agri people. In both professions people are working hard day and night and earning their livelihood.

Many youngsters from the agriculture background are coming to cities to earn money. This is not only because of IT; they go to many other fields other than IT like Private Banks, Government jobs, Industrial sectors and others. People who are interested in technologies learn and make them suitable to that particular field. This is also same in IT, people interested are driven by IT and choosing their work fields accordingly.

IT Professional salary

Other itching thing for most people is IT people's salary. IT professional gets high salary than any other fields that many people think about and they buy things easier. Here I have to clear that IT people alone not to get high salary, there are many other fields like cine industries, doctors, real estate business, top level managers (Management studies) and engineers are earning peak salaries in the country. Not every IT people gets high amount of salary, it is according to the company they join and it starts from the basic amount. They should strive hard to go to next level.

We can't say high salaries has affected the Agriculture, but we have responsibility to look after the Agriculture.

Land Values

Many People say value of lands are increased because of IT is a meaningless one. Regarding Chennai, it is a business city with various industries and businesses including IT. Information Technology is not only the main business in the city. IT people alone can't raise the value of land. There are many other reasons behind it. We can say software people in Bangalore may changed the land value because Bangalore is the city mainly depends on IT but not city like Chennai or any other places. Even before IT developments there was high cost of living in Chennai.

In the case of Coimbatore which is known as 'Manchester of South India', it is a business center and it is still busy with machinery and other industries and IT is low in the city. Many agricultural persons are still doing agriculture works along with their job earnings in various fields.

Backbone Of India

Generally all business has positive and negative aspects, some business have undergone huge struggles. Regarding IT industry, this business had died many times as recession and returned back. Many lost their jobs during recession time and few companies closed without paying salaries to employees. Agriculture (backbone of India) cannot die at anytime as like any other business.  All business depends on agriculture. We knew many farmers committed suicides and also we knew about many successful farmers are still doing great. Basically planning is most important in agriculture and yet there is a low cost set in agriculture products in market. This is not the field meant for commercially purpose to earn more money by using Chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It should be organic considering the health of the people.

Technologies used in Agriculture

IT Apps are introduced for the farmers to know about the latest updates and new technologies regarding agriculture in many countries. Most of them are involved in the modern agriculture using latest technologies and machinery in farming. One of those is green house framing, in which limited water and inputs can be used in the agriculture. They get high yield with limited inputs naturally. IT plays the vital role in handling the temperature of the greenhouse and input of various essential things to the plants inside the greenhouse. Pest, disease, extreme heat and heavy rainfall and other external factors which harms the plants can be controlled in the green house technology. We can get high yield and healthy food, if it is used properly.

And IT people introduced new technologies (only few listed) to farming where we can ON/OFF your water motor from anywhere through single SMS during late night time or during heavy rain or if we are in any function, this is all for good cause to avoid any midnight accidents.

Farmers are benefited by the Banking sector in which large IT is involved. They can transfer their fund easily to any place within a minute. They can get money in seconds are all done by the Information Technology developments.

Future IT Technologies in farming

Robot milking machines are introduced that save farmers money and give cows freedom to be milked when they needed. Live stock feeders is other one which saves money and consistently geed a herd. Many other future IT technologies like driver-less tractors, GPS steering systems, harvester yield meters, cow heat detecting machine will be implemented in the near future.

Farmers' Suicide in India

As per NCRB, the first 5 states leading in farmers suicide is Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. As on 2012, in Maharashtra nearly 3800 people committed suicide, in AP 2300 farmers, in Karnataka nearly 1900 farmers, in MP 1172 farmers and in Kerala about 1100 farmers killed themselves. In Tamilnadu nearly 500 farmers committed suicide in 2012 as per the report and it is about 2.90% of total suicides in the state.

Generally in India, government focuses on the farmers load and credit rather than income and productivity of them. It had failed creating good sources of income to the farmers. Farmers loan from the money lenders with high interest is the main cause of farmer's suicide. Government should take strict action against such money lenders that can reduce suicide of farmers. Other things includes excess rainfall or rain failure, drought condition, raise in cost of inputs (chemical fertilizer, pesticides, etc). Middle man and intermediaries who buys with very low prize from farmers and making big money in market.

It we take in account about the Chennai nature disaster, not only IT people is affected by the flood many poor people lost their livelihood over there. This is the main reason for the volunteers from the other state or district to support Chennai.

Regarding farmer's suicide in many areas across the state has many reasons behind it. Government should analyses the cause and provide suitable fund to the affected farmers.

Why I have chosen Technology related studies instead of Agriculture

I'm basically from Agriculture family and was doing agricultural works with my grandparents. I was impressed by Information Technologies and thought how it would help us in Agriculture. Instead of depending other IT people for my Agriculture, I wanted to learn and implement technologies, which helps people to use mobile phones for good cause, detect people health issues, transport monitoring, banking and more technology related things in our day to day life. Even online shopping and online ticket booking helps very aged people those who can't buy tickets from long queue, want to book train tickets when they did not have enough time and people who wants to improve business via world wide web (WWW).

People who are more interested in learning Organic Farms and like to expose their agriculture experience, can utilize blog technology to share their thoughts and improve farm works. Likewise in many ways IT helps people in good cause and not in any bad ways.

Still there is lots of business which got higher revenue than IT and those are doing great before IT. So I feel IT is also standing in queue to earn money as like many other top earning businesses and its definitely not killing agriculture.

As a farmer, I want money to build my dream of agriculture and doing so. How would I buy land that cost like the commercial sites I am working hard in technologies and trying to buy the land. So people who misunderstood about IT which it is killing agriculture is completely false statement, definitely NOT. Many young people from IT is coming forward and involving in organic farming. People in the cities like Bangalore is growing in terrace farming. If the farmers implements new organic technologies and information updates, they can surely reach their target.

I request some agriculture person and person who misunderstood IT, please use IT technology to improve our farming in good cause. Each and every person in India has the responsibility to develop Farming across the country. We have to support farmers' development. Everyone in the city should give hands when they face any problems. According to me Technology is a Tool to improve any kinda business, so we must use it accordingly.

Photo Credits : kncvietnam & demotix

Impact of Information Technology on Agriculture

Impact of Information Technology on Agriculture