India – China War Tension Raises: Pushes More soldiers To Border

       Published : Jul 03, 2017 14:54 IST    

India – China War Tension Raises: Pushes More soldiers To Border

There is a raise of war tension between China and India after 1962 war at the India-China-Bhutan border. Both the countries are dumping soldiers in the border near Doka La region. There is a fear of war in the border. China claims Doka La region belongs to them and says it does not belong to either India or Bhutan.

Chinese soldiers did not allow Indian soldiers to the work in the region. Following this there was debate between both sides. There also been slight clash between them and some soldiers in both sides injured. Following this incident both countries are strengthening the borders with more soldiers.

China alleges that India had crossed the border and entered China and tension prevails for about a month in the region.

Earlier in the year 2013, India and China had clash that lost for 21 days in Ladakh region in Kashmir. During that time China entered 30 km inside India and claimed Demchok region belongs to them. India strongly stood against China that made China to get back from the area.

China claim over the territories like Demchok district, the Shakgam valley and Aksai Chin region disputed by India since China took Aksai Chin during the Sino-Indian War of 1962.

Chinese Newspaper stated China would safeguard his border conflicts with India even at the cost of war. India's Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stated India is different from 1962. In reply to it Chinese Wang Dehua, professor at the Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies said China is also different from what it was in 1962.

Chinese journalist Zhao Gancheng said 'Both countries should focus on development rather than war, the conflict between the Nations may be advantage to other countries.

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India – China War Tension Raises: Pushes More soldiers To Border

India – China War Tension Raises: Pushes More soldiers To Border

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