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India Famous Biker Veenu Paliwal Passed Away

India Famous Biker Veenu Paliwal Passed Away

Veenu Paliwal India's famous first woman biker passed away due to road accident when she was on nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson bike. She was called as 'Lady of Harley'.

The 44-years old Veenu Paliwal was on the nationwide road trip with her bike with her fellow biker Dipesh Tamwar. At the Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh on Monday evening she died in an accident. She was mother of two children and also an entrepreneur. She was always passionate about bike riding. She wanted to take a documentary about her bike journey too.

She died when she missed control over the bike and she skid off near Gyaraspur road that is about 100 km away from Bhopal. She was taken to the hospital nearby in Vidhisha district but declared death by doctors on her arrival. She was Jaipur resident and heading to Bhopal.  She was known for her skillful driving who even drives at 180 kmph.

Biker riders always take care of safety measurements. Safety jackets, wrist and elbow safety measures, helmet are adequate while riding long drive. Most of us die in road accidents due to over speed and non safety measures. Safety measurements are must for everyone while riding. Even well skilled bike rider missed her control and lost her valuable life.

India Famous Biker Veenu Paliwal Passed Away

India Famous Biker Veenu Paliwal Passed Away

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