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Important deals On India-Germany Ties

Important deals On India-Germany Ties

Important deals On India-Germany Ties

Prime Minister had wide range of discussion today with German Chancellor Merkel . Modi says India-Germany partnership will help our nations and also the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated 'We are looking at outcome oriented momentum in India-Germany ties and a quantum jump specially in economic ties. Germany's extensive work in skill development, which has set the standards globally, can benefit the youth of India. Climate protection and living in harmony with nature is a part of India's ethos. Our cooperation in areas like renewable energy is gaining momentum. India is giving an impetus to next-generation infrastructure and this is an area in which we want to work extensively with Germany Science and technology, the start up world are important areas which have been given attention to during this visit.'

The Prime Minister is addressing business leaders in Germany.

He says 'A great pleasure to meet you all. It is an added pleasure to talk to you in the presence of an enlightened leader like Chancellor Merkel.

With a view to help the German companies, India had put in fast track mechanism through which number of issues have already been resolved.

Indo-German Managers training programme is another ongoing and very successful programme between both countries says Modi.

Through our ‘Make in India’ initiative, we are committed to transform India as a major player in the global value chain.

We are also implementing a strategic market entry support Programme, since September 2015. It is called MIIM (Make in India Mittelstand).

India has emerged as the fastest growing major economy the last three years with GDP growth rate of over 7%.Our emphasis has been on reducing Government and enhancing Governance. Now, India has one of the most liberal FDI Policy regimes in the world.'

Important deals On India-Germany Ties

Important deals On India-Germany Ties