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India Pakistan Border Talks End Today

India Pakistan Border Talks End Today

The DG level talks between India's Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers that started on September 10 and it ends on September 12.

The talk will be about the cease fire violation happening in the border between the countries.

The Pakistani Rangers team of 15 members headed by Major General Umar Farooq Burki arrived in New Delhi and welcomed by senior BSF officers.

BSF Director General D.K. Pathak welcomed their team in airport. 23 members from Indian side will take part in the talk led by D.K. Pathak.

'During the conference, discussions will  be held on important issues like cross-border firing, infiltration and smuggling etc. The talks will also endeavour to focus on positive issues like different levels of communication, more simultaneous coordinated patrolling and other confidence building measures,' a BSF official said to the press.

Mr Mishra told IANS that 'Pakistan may try to divert the agenda of the meeting. It has been making attempts to put the blame of ceasefire violations on India by showing the world the damage on its side.'

On the end of the first day meeting, principle understanding was captured between BSF and Pakistan Rangers. India was satisfied with the meeting on the first day. If Pakistan army fires at the border, India will not immediately fire. Similarly it India fires, Pakistan should contact the Indian border guarding force. Any of the country gets ceasefire they should wait for an hour and contact the opposite border guarding force. This was the one understanding made on either side on that day which will prevent cease fire violation and saves the lives on either side.

Rangers visited Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday. Rajnath Singh assured that India won't fire first. He also said India and Pakistan should be united and fights against terrorism and stated both countries are victims of terrorism. Mr Singh also noted them India has more Muslims than in Pakistan.

He had already stated 'India will not fire first and if Pakistan fires first India will not stop firing' when he was at Pune to address students in meeting held on the Teacher's day.

Following this today the agreement will be signed between the two forces.

India Pakistan Border Talks End Today

India Pakistan Border Talks End Today