India Participate in Tsunami Mock Drill

       Published : Sep 08, 2016 14:53 IST    

India Participate in Tsunami Mock Drill

India along with 23 Indian Ocean countries is participating in massive Indian Ocean wide Tsunami mock drill. During this drill thousands of people near the coastal regions are evacuated. Mock drill covers all coastal states in the country. Yesterday they have done in eastern coast of India and today they will cover the western coast.

Tsunami is usually triggered after the massive earthquake inside the ocean. As per the report most of the coastal regions in India are in danger of Tsunami. We cannot forget the massive Tsunami strike on 2004 December. Lakhs of people lost their lives, homes and everything in that Tsunami that hit 14 countries including Indian states Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It had killed nearly 15 thousand people in India alone.

As a part of Mock drill IOWave16 is organized by Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the UNESCO. India with other 23 nations is participating in this two days mock drilling. During this drill, 10 countries including India is conducting real time drill. This makes preparedness and real time data to face the real Tsumani attack.

Nearly 40000 people are evacuated at the coastal regions saying there was the Tsunami attack in short period with shock. People realized later it was a drill.

The men from various departments such as Revenue, Civil Supplies, Fire, Police and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) trooped to the villages near coastal regions and evacuated them to a safer place.

India Tsunami Warning Center was set up on 2007 that uses networked satellites and other device place in the deep ocean to issue the early warnings. Since 2007 there are no false warnings from the center.

India Participate in Tsunami Mock Drill

India Participate in Tsunami Mock Drill

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