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India reaches first place in Population very soon

India reaches first place in Population very soon

India stands at second place in world population about 1.31 billion and China in 1.38 billion. It almost nears China. China’s population remaining stable as India is quickly moves to first place in 2022.

India holds 18% of world population. India should ready to face the increasing population with its good infra structure and basic needs food, water and health care to satisfy the people.

According to the UN released the 2015 revision says Nigeria takes the place of US in 2050 by its rapid growth of population. India will overtake China by 6 years earlier than predicted.

The report says six countries India, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and USA are expected to exceed 300 million by 2050.

The world population is expected to be 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. The current world population is 7.3 billion.

Most of the African countries population may be doubled by 2100.

The director of the UN's Population Division says 'this rapid growth of population in the poorest countries may difficult to eradicate poverty and inequality and leads to hunger and mal nutrition'.

This is a huge drawback for the developing nation like India.  It may impede the country's progress.

China is in first place in world population has deployed many policies since 1979 and now it is stable in its population and tend to decline from 2050. Chinese government 'one child policy' have massively reduced the population growth.

China government has taken many steps to lower their population. They have given the policies like free education, medical benefits for the single kid in the family.

The latest report shows the decline in the growth rate of Indian population from 1.28 in 2013 to 1.25 in 2014.

Population density (Number of people per square meter) is 376.1 is much higher when compared to the Chinese population density is 141.26.

The strict rules and regulations should be undertaken by the Indian Government to control the population. People should be encouraged to follow the rules and should be benefited if they follow the Policy.

India reaches first place in Population very soon

India reaches first place in Population very soon