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India Research of Gold mine under the sea near Mauritius

India had undergone the research of precious metals like Gold and Silver at the Southern Indian Ocean.

It has completed its first phase of exploration. The team has collected many data relating the metals that include photos, videos etc and began to analyze.

National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOC), Chennai with National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) started the second phase of research.

In the seabed there seen the smoke with emits the metals. There is also a volcano seen inside the seabed which can emit the water with 350 degree to 375 degree centigrade. For this ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) is used for the close up shots that have high resolution cameras from 1.5 meters away.

To conduct exploration the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has given license for about 15 years from 2014. The exploration is conducted around 10000 sq km in the Rodriguez Triple Junction (RTJ) near Mauritius.

Many countries are involved in the seabed mining. The companies from India, France, Japan, German, USA, China, Singapore, UK and Russia got permission for mining in the deep sea. Four license for Pacific Ocean, 2 for India Ocean Ridge, one for southern Atlantic.

Shailesh Nayak, secretary, Ministry of Earth Science says Seabed mining is very important to India considering the future requirements. There are no sufficient minerals in the land and we are looking for the alternative sources for the minerals like cobalt, nickel, gold and silver.

India is being exploring the seabed from 1981 and it was the first country to receive the status of pioneer investor in 1987. ISA have allocated 1,50,000 sq km in central Indian Ocean Ridge to carry out various developmental activities.

He also says ROV system and automatic soil tester was already built. The research and collecting information will be carried out by them. Basic and Initial cost will be about Rs. 200 crores and it many increase to about Rs. 400 crores if using new technologies.

India Research of Gold mine under the sea near Mauritius

India Research of Gold mine under the sea near Mauritius

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