India To Get Good Monsoon Rain This Year

       Published : Jun 03, 2016 13:10 IST    

India To Get Good Monsoon Rain This Year

According to the Indian Meterogical Department (IMD), in about four to five days monsoon rains hit the Kerala coastal regions. This year monsoon rain in Kerala has been delayed for a week as earlier said by IMD.

The department also revealed it does not show any changes in the amount of rainfall. India will get normal rain this year of about normal 106 percent. This brings happy to the people and especially farmers.

Last year due to poor monsoon rainfall there was a lack of drinking water and scarcity in several places in India. Including Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab 10 states were declared to hit by water scarcity last year.

This year monsoon starts from June 7th and it could be normal to good amount of rain. The second phase of forecast released today by IMD stated country will receive 96 normal percent of rain or there is the possibilities of increase rain.

It also stated there is the chance to receive 107 percent in July and 104 percent in August. North east states may receive some less amount of rain than normal says the report. There is high chance for Haryana and Punjab state to receive good amount of rain due to failure of monsoon in that state for last two years. They have the chance of getting 108 percent rain this year.

Below 90 percent represent lack of rain

90 to 96 percent - less than normal rain

96 to 104 percent – Normal rainfall

104 to 110 percent – more than normal rainfall

Higher than 110 percent – More rainfall

India To Get Good Monsoon Rain This Year

India To Get Good Monsoon Rain This Year

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