Indian Air Force Plane Missing with 29 on Board

       Published : Jul 22, 2016 14:47 IST    

Indian Air Force Plane Missing with 29 on Board

Indian Air Force Plane that took off from Chennai to Port Blair with 29 people on board is missing at Bay of Bengal. The flight AN-32 that took off this morning from Tambaram at 8 am lost the contact after 15 minutes of take off says the officials.

It is heading to Port Blair to land at 11:20 am. The officials say they lost contact from the plane 15 minutes after takeoff. The plane has the emergency device that will be activated when it is crashed. The search operation was launched immediately. Indian Air force and Navy are involved massively in the operation.

There is no information about the plane so far. The 29 people condition travelled in the flight is still unknown. The flight which started from 8 am lost its signal around 8:30 AM and officials tried hard to get signals in vain. Six are crew members among 29 people on board.

The flight has the capacity to travel for 4 hours without refueling it said officials.  There are more than 100 AN-32 flights in the Air force that has the similar capacity they say. It has been imagined flight might have fallen in Bay of Bengal.

In the search operation P8, Doniar air craft and four ships of Navy Karmukh, Gharial, Jyoti and Kuthar are involved.

Indian Air Force Plane Missing with 29 on Board

Indian Air Force Plane Missing with 29 on Board

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