Indian Athletes Back with Fever and Body Pain from Rio

       Published : Aug 23, 2016 12:32 IST    

Indian Athletes Back with Fever and Body Pain from Rio

India athlete Sudha Singh returned to India with fever and body pain from Rio Olympics. The 30 year old athlete had participated in steeplechase competition. Sudha had stayed with two other Indian athletes Marathon runners Kavita Raut and OP Jaisha.

Jaisha was also who found with mild symptoms had went to her home town in Kerala. The blood sample of Sudha Singh was given to virology institute for Zika testing. Brazil is the place affected by Zika virus and it is scared about Zika infections. Doctors were analyzing her symptoms and giving appropriate medicines. They say Sudha is recovering now and is better than the time of admission.

Zika, a mosquito borne virus can cause major issues once not treated properly. It may lead to neurological disorder, birth defects and others.

On the other hand, Bengaluru doctors were shocked on Jaisha's condition and wanted her to admit in hospital. But Jaisha wanted to go home town Kerala for treatment.

Jaisha said she was not provided with water while running marathon at Rio Olympics. She made complaint that there were no counters in kilometer gaps for serving water of energy drinks to her. Though she found counters there were no persons with either water or food. She also added she would have died and had no pulse and this is her second life.

Jaisha was collapsed at end of her run and took 7 trips to get her conscious. She took 13 minutes more time what she achieved in events year ago. She stated only from Rio organizer she got drinks at 8 km gap and completed the event at 89th position.

Athletics Federation of India rejected her complaint and said she was lying. Jaisha replied she has no intention for this big lie and said there was camera everywhere at the event that would reveal the truth.

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Indian Athletes Back with Fever and Body Pain from Rio

Indian Athletes Back with Fever and Body Pain from Rio

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