Indian Government withdraws Draft National Encryption Policy

       Published : Sep 23, 2015 16:55 IST    

Draft National Encryption Policy released by the Indian Government received many negative criticisms that forced to get back the policy.

The government made the Draft National Encryption Policy on Monday evening and waited for the public interest. It was withdrawn on Tuesday and the government says it was placed on the public domain to seek the comments of the people and now it is withdrawn. It will be placed again after reworking on it.

Encryption Policy proposed by DeitY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology) suggests that one should not delete the message or any conversation in WhatsApp, Gmail or any mail for 90 days. It says deleting the messages before 90 days will be considered as a crime activity and may end up in jail.

It requires the private data to be accessed by the government including personal information, emails, text messages and other data.

Cyber users should hand over the encryption keys to the Government and security agencies.

Majority of Indians depends on the service providers outside the country like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype and many more.

Policy also wants the users and businesses to store the communications in both encrypted and unencrypted forms. Government says the new rules does not involves the data of Internet Banking and E-commerce.

The government also wants the service providers outside India to get into agreement. According to the policy Government will prescribe the algorithm and key sizes for encryption. Service providers have their own encryption form and there are thousands of service providers around the world.

Many experts gave the negative impact on this policy. They fear this may end up in security issues from hackers while keeping the private data or messages for 90 days.

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said at the press conference that this policy is not the final view of the government it is just a draft placed for the public opinions and comments. It is withdrawn and it will be reworked properly and will be placed again for their suggestions.

Indian Government withdraws Draft National Encryption Policy

Indian Government withdraws Draft National Encryption Policy

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