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Indian Soldier Shocking Videos About Food Served

Indian Soldier Shocking Videos About Food Served

BSF Soldier posted the videos that tell about the improper food they were served by their higher officials. The video says the soldiers at Indo-Pakistan border who are working hard for 11 hours did not get good food to eat and at many times they were slept empty stomach without food. He requests Prime Minister to investigate this and take appropriate steps at the earliest.

Tej Bahadur Yadav is a B.S.F personnel of 29th Battalion urged the people of India, Media, Authority and the Government to listen his painful voice.

BSF Jawan slated '#SaveBSF Our Prime Minister should look into this matter and investigate as earliest as possible.

Please spare few minutes to watch how BSF soldiers shares his pain and describes the true story of the forward areas of the Northern Frontier'

'#BSFBreakfast - In the breakfast, the jawans are served burnt paranthas with a cup of tea. It is not because of the cook but the corruption at top-level because of which officials are unable to buy groceries to feed the soldiers proper food.'

'#SaveBSF The videos will pain the heart of every Indian and this indeed should stop right away. Jawans are the pride of the nation and food is one of the basic rights they deserve.'

Minister of Home Affairs Rajnath Singh reacted after watching the video. He shared 'I have seen a video regarding a BSF jawan's plight. I have asked the HS to immediately seek a report from the BSF & take appropriate action.'

Here is the videos.

Indian Soldier Shocking Videos About Food Served

Indian Soldier Shocking Videos About Food Served

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