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Indian Woman Abducted in Kabul

Indian Woman Abducted in Kabul

Indian Woman Abducted in Kabul: An Indian woman Judhith D'Souza working in Afghanistan was abducted on Thursday night. Her family who lives in Kolkata seeks India to get back their daughter safe and soon.

Indian Embassy first announced about her abduction to India on late Thursday night. She had been abducted in Taimani area at Kabul. She is working for an international company Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan.

The abducted woman spoke to her father two days before abduction. She was excited to come home for vacation said her father. Her father was much worried and emotional. They made appeal to Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. She said 'The Indian embassy in Kabul has been in touch with the Afghan authorities to ensure Judith's safe release.'

Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra said 'Everyone, esp Afghan security agencies, is working hard on this. Let us pray for early success.'

Her father used to tell her to return if she is uncomfortable or insecure. He added she was more excited for her vacation to come back home. Her vacation is nearing and she will be back he said. Judhit always told him that she was safe.

The family was in conduct with Indian embassy at Afghanistan. We pray for her early release and safety.

Last month, a gun armed person tried to hijack an NGO with a vehicle near the Qalla-e-Fathulla road in capital of Afghanistan Kabul where D'Souza was kidnapped. The three men who was abducted in 2014 was rescued by the Afghanistan Intelligence Services.

Indian Woman Abducted in Kabul