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Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans

Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans

India stands in 4th place in the consumption of instant noodles of about 5.5 billion servings per year. Recently Maggi was banned due to the presence of many dangerous elements.

On 4th June 2015, Tamilnadu was the first state to ban many instance noodles including Maggi.

What makes the noodles worst

The report says in Maggi is found to be high in Lead. The food that we consume which is high in lead leads to anemia, kidney failure, neurological problems, affects central nervous system, lack of concentration, depression, abdominal pain.

Than in adult it affects the children vastly.  Lead will be absorbed faster in children that in adult and will make quick effects on them. It largely affects their growth and mental attitude.

Apart from the lead, in noodles we have lot of saturated and Trans fat which is not good for our health. Only mono and poly unsaturated fat is necessary for the health. This bad fat leads to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

More over instant noodles are added with Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) preservative which is a petroleum based product. It is added for the taste or preservatives which will cause severe health problems when consuming regularly.

Many additives, chemical preservatives, artificial coloring agents, flavoring agents are added which causes serious issues.

Maida, the white flour - Most instant noodles are made up of maida which is refined flour. This maida is highly processed by bleaching the wheat with chemical agents. Here also the poisonous chemicals are used. More intake of the maida related food leads to obesity, heart issues, cholesterol, diabetes, indigestion, gastrointestinal problems etc.

Many instant noodles are found in the market still. The people should be aware of their food they are eating. The people should analyze and choose the food which is healthy.

Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans

Instant Noodle – The Worst effects on Humans