Iron Lady Chanu Sharmila Quits 16 years Long Fasting

       Published : Aug 09, 2016 12:27 IST    

Iron Lady Chanu Sharmila Quits 16 years Long Fasting

Irom Chanu Sharmila who is known as Iron Lady is about to quit her 16 years of strong and long fasting today at local court in Imphal. She belongs to Manipur and struggling to eradicate AFSPA from western states since 2000. She had not taken any solid foods right from his fasting started in 2000 till now. She was forcibly fed through her nasal tube in the prison to keep her alive.

She had announced to quit her fast and enter politics a day before. Chanu Sharmila who is in prison right now will be produced to the high court and court will release her from judicial custody after she breaks her fast.

Earlier Sharmila was vowed not to enter her own house until special power act was lifted. It is unknown whether she will go to her home with her brother after her release. Her supporters and family could not meet her. They are waiting to meet her and discuss with her about her future plans.

Her 84 years old mother also earlier said that she won't see her until her aim is achieved. She had not seen her daughter since she started her fasting strike.

Many journalist, activists, people have gathered near her home and court at Imphal to see her breaking the fast. She first started her hunger strike when Armed Forces Special Power Act killed at least 10 civilians at the outskirts of her small town.

Her decision in ending her hunger strike is welcomed by the victims’ family and they said they will stand by her always. She had not eaten for 16 long years but still she could not active her dream. Her sudden decision to take politics leaving hunger strike is shock for her supporters without giving them information. And some political parties are showed interest to rope her to their parties.

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Iron Lady Chanu Sharmila Quits 16 years Long Fasting

Iron Lady Chanu Sharmila Quits 16 years Long Fasting

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