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Is Meteorite Killed a Man in Tamil Nadu

Is Meteorite Killed a Man in Tamil Nadu

A mysterious explosion happened two days before at Bharathidhasan Engineering College located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. It killed a man who was the bus driver in the college and injured 3 other persons.

A day after the incident, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha announced the explosion was happened due to the meteorite. She promised compensation to the affected people of Rs. 1 lakh for the family who are suffering from loss of member and Rs. 25000 each for the members injured.

Indian scientist received a piece of object from the police found at the incident place for research. If they prove it is meteorite, it will be first scientific proof about meteorite death. According to the report, a man was killed by meteorite 200 years before in India. The scientists say it is a rare thing people die due to meteorite. Scientists are analyzing the samples taken at the spot. Meanwhile NASA scientists say by seeing pictures at online it is the land based explosion.

It was initially suspected as the land explosion but experts say there is no trace for such land based explosion after experimenting the spot.

The person witnessed in the spot said that they have heard huge sound and found bus driver injured badly. He was critically injured and died on the way to hospital. There found craters which is 5 feet deep and 2 feet wide on the spot. The final test will be held at Ahmadabad or Hyderabad where there is facility to conduct isotopic analysis.

Meteorite is the substance survives in the outer atmosphere of the earth that was left by comets or asteroid. It may be from smaller to extremely larger in size. It is partially or wholly combination of nickel and iron. The world largest meteorite named Hoba is about 60 tons in weight found in Namibia and placed in its National Museum.

Is Meteorite Killed a Man in Tamil Nadu

Is Meteorite Killed a Man in Tamil Nadu

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