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ISIS is a threat for the entire world: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Following the attacks in Paris and threat posed by terrorist group ISIS, Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh on Monday said 'ISIS is not a threat for any particular country but for the entire world. India is alert about ISIS.'

Some Indian youth joins the ISIS and fight for them. In 2014 a youth from Kalyan, Thane district was arrested at Mumbai after returning from Syria. He had spent six months in Syria and Iraq with Islamic State. The report says nearly 17 men were prevented traveling to Syria mostly from Telangana.

Home Minister on Monday noted that ISIS is expanding its area other than its key Syria and Iraq. ISIS threat in India is looming large is accepted by him. Five states and four cities is expected to be under IS radar. The sources say Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam and West Bengal are the states are on the IS radar. The report says there is highest possibilities of IS attacks in India as there is IS terrorists group backing in the country.

'India is aware of the looming threat by the ISIS and is taking precautionary steps. The world needs to come together as one to combat ISIS,' Rajnath Singh said.

On September this year, 4 Indians is suspected to have link with ISIS and a woman who involved in recruiting the men for ISIS. According to the report some Indians fought alongside with IS and got killed.

On the Paris attack 120 people lost their lives and more than 300 people were deadly injured. ISIS took the responsibility of the attacks. Seven terrorist at various place in Paris city made the brutal suicide attack. Following this attack, anonymous hackers released the video warning the ISIS and they declared the war against ISIS.

ISIS is a threat for the entire world: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

ISIS is a threat for the entire world: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

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