ISIS link Suspected Tirupur Terrorist Arrested

       Published : Jul 07, 2016 15:34 IST    

ISIS link Suspected Tirupur Terrorist Arrested

Tamil Nadu police with Central Intelligence Agency arrested family man named Mosiruddin at Burdwan railway station at West Bengal on Tuesday. Police have taken some family members of the suspected terrorist for inquiry.

He has been running grocery shop for 6 years at Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. Police raided his house and shop at Tirupur and found 6 sim cards, 2 fake election ID cards of him and a laptop. They had taken his wife, his two children and two other relation members into their custody.

NIA (National Intelligence Agency) seized sharp weapon and gun from the man when arrested in Viswabharati Fast Passenger. The arrested Mosi accepted his link with ISIS after interrogation of NIA and Crime Investigation department. He had links with top ISIS leader in-charge of India Safwi Armar and Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen a terrorist organization that operates in Bangladesh. He was in touch with them through mobile, e-mails and social networking media.

Intelligence sources say he had been scanned from April 2016. He had used high technology software and connected with Syria and Afghanistan. He had used encoded words for conversation and software experts are in process of decoding it and find the message. Police and Intelligence department are investigation him for further details about his contacts in West Bengal.

From 2014 several terrorist were arrested by NIA from various parts of the country. Recently Africans, Nigerians and people of western states of India was increased in Tirupur textile town. Along with them some terrorists are also suspected to be increased.

ISIS link Suspected Tirupur Terrorist Arrested

ISIS link Suspected Tirupur Terrorist Arrested

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