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ISRO Launched Astrosat to Research Space and Stars

ISRO Launched Astrosat to Research Space and Stars

Astrostat was launched by ISRO on Monday, a first Space Observatory of India. It was the first attempt of India to set the multi wavelength space observatory. Two decades ago US has set its space observatory and the process is still going on. Like this Russia, Japan and European Space Agency has set similar observatory in the space.

Astrostat had carried six satellites for Indonesia, Canada, USA, countries. This is the first time US satellite was carried by India to space. Already Indonesia and Canada satellites were launched by India. Up to this India had carried on 51 satellites of other countries.

It also carries 5 payloads including Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) though it seems to be like NASA’s Hubble telescope UVIT is smaller than Hubble telescope. Other payloads include Large Area X-Ray, Proportional Counter, Soft X-ray Telescope, and Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager.

PSLV C-30 rocket (Astrostat) was successfully launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at 10 am and within few minutes it was set into orbit and the six foreign satellites were placed in the orbit.

The satellite can experiment various celestial objects in the space like stars. It aims at observing the neutron stars and black holes, the magnetic fields of the neutron stars. It collects the data of these objects and aims in better understanding of what is happening in the space.

India's Astrostat has the weight of 1500 kg and the mission life of 5 years. It also has other advantages to receive the accurate signals. Meanwhile the earth's telescope will be disturbed by the atmosphere and climate to receive the pure signal. But the space observatory receives and gives the clear and accurate signals.

On the other hand, NASA has revealed the presence of water in today's Mars. It says the water flow is present on the Mars during the summer season of Mars and dries in the winter.

ISRO had found the presence of Methane on the Mars and it said to reveal the Methane news in which NASA said earlier that there is no Methane on Mars.

ISRO Launched Astrosat to Research Space and Stars

ISRO Launched Astrosat to Research Space and Stars