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Jawan Lance Naik Rescued From Deep Snow

Jawan Lance Naik Rescued From Deep Snow

Jawan Lance Naik Rescued From Deep Snow

Including Lance Naik Hanumanthappa 10 soldiers were buried under the snow on February 3rd after Avalanche buried their post at Siachen glacier. On Feb 8th, Lauce Naik was found alive under the 25 feet snow. Miraculously this Junior Commissioned Officer survived under the deep snow and now being treated in the RR Hospital in Jammu.

He is still in critical condition, hope the miracle continuous and we can pray for this guy to recover completely. Other soldiers buried were reported to be death and so far they have found 5 bodies of soldiers. They say they would work hard in that least temperature where oxygen was extremely less and hope to find remaining 4 bodies in next couple of days.

The army officers said it is very challenging job to first find the place where they were buried. They found the buried place which is some distance away from the original location. The soldiers have been taken forward from the actual post to some hundred meters.

The rescue team dig at least 30 feet to find the bodies at many places. On the sixth day of operation the rescue team found the soldier alive at 25 feet under the snow at an altitude of 19,600 feet which is considered as the highest and coldest battle field on earth.

10 Soldiers team was lead by Lance Naik Hanumanthappa the Junior Commissioned Officer residence is at Karnataka and he belongs to Madras Regiment.

As per the source, Lance Naik survived seems to be because of nature air holes in the place where he was buried. It seems he is the luckiest person where others could have lost their lives. Hope these soldiers would have done all possible ways to survive but unfortunately we lost 9 brave jawans in the natural calamity. Hopefully with all our prayers let Hanumanthappa gets quicker recovery.

Siachen Glacier is at 19600 feet of altitude with temperature close to -45 degree. Spotting the actual buried place is really a tough job moreover working in that place where it is extremely chill temperature is a challenging job of rescue team. So far many soldiers lost their lives in different circumstances in that coldest and highest battle place. A great salute for our beloved soldiers who lost their lives for our country.

Jawan Lance Naik Rescued From Deep Snow

Jawan Lance Naik Rescued From Deep Snow