Jisha Murder Case Turning point evidences

       Published : Jun 27, 2016 17:13 IST    

Jisha Murder Case Turning point evidences

In the Kerala law college student Jisha's brutal murder case the cop had completed their inspection. Ameeral Islam, the prime accused in this case have entered Victim's house at evening 4 pm on April 28. The mobile tower evidence is strong that he was under the tower for 2 hours.

As per the sources, his mobile was switched off at 6:30 pm on that day. The accused is now in police custody keeps changing his statement often. He says he had made 10 wounds in Jisha's body whereas according to the autopsy there were 38 wounds in her body.

The cops also suspect absconded person Anarul has direct role in Jisha's murder. Ameeral said the knife he had used belongs to his friend Anarul. The report also says they two had alcohol on that day before the incident.  The cops also found finger prints of two unidentified men from the incident.

There is also a witness who identified suspect as Ameeral. The house owner accused stayed, foot ware shop owner and the woman who lives in Jisha neighbourhood identified the suspect.

The slipper that accused left behind Jisha's house is considered as the turning point in the case. It was confirmed from foot ware shop owner to find the accused.

As per the latest report, police had found new finger print that was collected from glass fish tank in the victim’s house. This new finger print that does not match with any other is being great trouble in the case. They are suspecting third person involved in this brutal murder.

Though the accused who changes his statement often there were key strong evidences like killer's DNA and mobile tower locations. The police is nabbing the absconded friend Anarul. The court on Friday ordered to conduct the DNA test of the accused from the blood samples collected from him. DNA of the killer was collected from saliva retrieved from bite mark on the victim’s shoulders.

Jisha Murder Case Turning point evidences

Jisha Murder Case Turning point evidences

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