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Kalam's Birthday: Naalaya India movement launch and Bag free school children

Our former president and late Dr. Abdul Kalam's 84th birthday is celebrated widely across the nation. School children are uniquely celebration his birthday event. At Chennai school children looked cute dressed like Abdul Kalam and lined up.

At Chennai, Suresh Babu who had been close with Abdul Kalam while he is in Anna University recently started Facebook page Kalam's Kanavu (dream) and received 25000 followers. He decided to start Naalaya India movement (Tomorrow's India) to change the society as per the dreams of Abdul Kalam by bringing the youth together. Naalaya I.N.D.I.A, an NGO is started today on Abdul Kalam's birthday. Kalam's dream is to make India developed Nation by 2020.

Four day conference is held before the launch event. The founder of Naalaya India, Suresh Babu said 'Today's youngsters are either uninterested in social work or lack direction. Through our initiative, we want to encourage them to spend some time and energy in helping society'.

Naalaya India 'People of Change' movement works towards in bringing the youth together for one goal. Encouraging youth at all levels and aims working with them to become pillars of tomorrow's India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted




Salutations to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his birth anniversary.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)


Nagpur government decided to take Kalam's birthday as Bag free day for school children. They could undergo other activities like reading and remembering Kalam's achievements and his teachings. The state education department announced the children can keep their bags at home and students should involve in various activities to honour our former president Abdul Kalam.

Some CBSE schools had also announced as bag free day in honouring Abdul Kalam on his birthday and they to engage in various other activities on campus.


Kalam's Birthday: Naalaya India movement launch and Bag free school children



Kalam's Birthday: Naalaya India movement launch and Bag free school children

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