Karnataka And Kerala Buses Stopped In Borders Owing To Strike In TamilNadu

       Published : Apr 05, 2018 12:14 IST    

700 Karnataka Buses of Karnataka State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have not been operated concerning the agitating situation in Tamil Nadu for Cauvery issue. Similarly, TamilNadu SETC long route buses to Bangalore were stalled in Hosur, the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Since the statewide bandh is going on April 5 (Thursday) in Tamil Nadu, the neighbouring states were not ready to operate buses to Tamil Nadu today. So, people travelling to neighbouring states affected highly and they were stalled in bus stands and looking for other means of transportation.

Inter-state passenger transport heavily affected due to non-operation of buses between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In these circumstances, KSRTC announced that based on the scenario in the evening, it will be decided whether to operate buses or not. But, there is no interference in rail transport between the states. Recently, a bandh has been called on April 12 in Karnataka regarding Cauvery issue.

Also, Kerala State Transport Corporation has also stopped running buses from Kerala to Karnataka in the border regions of Kalliyakavillai and Kumali. In Kanyakumari, about 800 buses were running from TamilNadu to Kerala with police protection and temporary drivers. Many shops were shut down and leave announced for some private schools. 

Recently,Tamil Nadu Government Buses were attacked at Dindigul, Thiruvarur, Krishnagiri districts by throwing stones at the front glass.

Karnataka And Kerala Buses Stopped In Borders Owing To Strike In TamilNadu

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