Karnataka Decides to Stop Cauvery Water for Tamil Nadu

       Published : Sep 22, 2016 11:24 IST    

Karnataka Decides to Stop Cauvery Water for Tamil Nadu

After the cabinet meeting held yesterday night, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah reported to taken decision to stop the release of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. It is also all parties decisions that rejected the Supreme Court order of releasing 6000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu from today.

They said Supreme Court order is not implementable. Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda advised Karnataka CM not to release water to the neighboring state. He said drinking water is more necessary than cultivation the crops and farmers can be compensated if crop fails. He says the two states Chief Minister to sit and solve the problem based on the ground reality when there is lack of monsoon. Both states should share the water crisis when there is deficiency of water.

The lakh of farmer livelihood are based on the Cauvery water in delta regions. HD Kumarasamy, a former Karnataka Chief Minister also said Cauvery water will not be released to Tamil Nadu despite SC order. BJP boycotted this all-party meeting at Karnataka.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah is to meet Governor at Raj Bhavan regarding this issue and to seek special Assembly meeting.

Tamil Nadu All Farmers Association had decided to protest against PM residence if Modi does not give proper solution to this issue. They say this issue is not only a farmers or water problem but it is seen as the Tamils issue. The center is not involving in this issue they are showing an injustice to the Tamils says the leader of farmer's association.

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Karnataka Decides to Stop Cauvery Water for Tamil Nadu

Karnataka Decides to Stop Cauvery Water for Tamil Nadu

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