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Karnataka Strike On April 12 Protesting CMB Formation

Karnataka Strike On April 12 Protesting CMB Formation

Karnataka associations will be holding a strike on April 12 emphasizing the centre not to constitute the Cauvery Management Board as demanded by Tamil Nadu, announced by Vattal Nagaraj, the President of Kannada Vatal Paksha.

Due to the activities of TamilNadu regarding Cauvery issue, Kannada associations were annoyed. Already Vatal Nagaraj had warned, "if TamilNadu conducts bandh, we would surround the border region of TamilNadu and Karnataka".

Now, TamilNadu bandh is going on statewide with support from many associations on April 5. In a retaliation to TamilNadu Bandh, Karnataka will be holding bandh on April 12.

In these circumstances, former Prime Minister of India, Devagowda who is native of Karnataka state responded to ADMK MP's suicide threat that the Centre should not yield to such protests. He also asked the Tamilians to remain calm in this issue by pointing out the Centre remarks that the river management board could not be formed all of a sudden.

Keeping in view of Karnataka Elections, political activists suggested that the Centre has to take immediate steps in the Cauvery issue to calm down the agitations in Tamil Nadu and also not to provoke the same in Karnataka. The raging situation arising in Karnataka also incited fear among the Tamilians about their safety in Karnataka. TamilNadu BJP says that only after obtaining the clarifications regarding the judgement, further action shall be initiated.

Before the strike on April 12 in Karnataka, the Supreme Court bench headed by Dipak Misra is reviewing the Cauvery issue on April 9. He also asked the Tamilians to leave the matter to the Judiciary. 

Karnataka Strike On April 12 Protesting CMB Formation