Kerala Law Student Brutally Raped and Murdered

       Published : May 03, 2016 13:20 IST    

Kerala Law Student Brutally Raped and Murdered

In Kerala, 30-years-old Law student was brutally raped and murdered on Thursday in her house. This incident is close to Nirbhaya case because girl was severely wounded and tortured before murder. The attackers were keen in destroying the evidence. There was no evidence found still by the police.

Initially investigation reveals the girl was raped by more than one person. The girl lived with her mentally disturbed mother in Perumbavoor. When her mother turned home after her daily wages work at 8:30 pm she found her daughter died with lots of blood outflow.

The girl was attacked on her head, chest, and neck and there are more than 30 stab injuries on her body. Her intestine was out with the sharp weapons. Her genital system was highly damaged.

There were deep wounds on her head and both of her chests. The student of Government Law College was deeply wounded and murdered.

Police does not reveal any other details regarding the murder. The murder reflects the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case that took place in New Delhi.

As per the sources, police initially in slow phase, after the media interaction they are seriously investigating about the incident.

The victim lived in small house in the waste land and they are financially week. Her father and marriage sister lives separately. As per the report, neighbors said they did not hear any shout or cries from the house. They say they are unaware of this. Victim friends came to know about her only after 5 days from local news papers. The cruelties on the victim made the media and police to focus more on the case.

Kerala Law Student Brutally Raped and Murdered

Kerala Law Student Brutally Raped and Murdered

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