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Kolkata Fly Over Collapsed

Kolkata Fly Over Collapsed

Kolkata Fly Over Collapsed

On Thursday, flyover under construction in North Kolkata had been collapsed that killed nearly 25 people and more than 100 were injured. Several people are trapped inside the debris still.  Rescue operations are still on progress. Initially they started slowly but tried to get out the people who are trapped under. Several cranes were put on for work to clear the debris and to give way for the vehicles. They managed traffic after severe struggle but still it is believed that people are trapped under the debris.

It is a densely populated area near Girish Park at Barabazar, north Kolkata. The flyover is being under construction since 2009 by Hyderabad based IVRCL Company. It describes it as an accident and official of the company says it was an act of God.

They said to the media that they are unaware of this collapse. 'There is no fault in the quality and we will corporate with the investigation. We want to know the reason,' said officials.

The contractor had missed 9 deadlines until now. They said there are several reasons beyond this delay. We are not only responsible for the delay and we did not get approval at proper time. Also we can't point out single person for delay,' said by officials.

FIR was filed over the company and police began to investigate the truth behind it. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee assured to take serious action to the cause. The repairing works of the construction began on Thursday. CM blamed the former CPM government which sanctioned the project on 2008.

People around the spot say they heard huge explosion sound and then the bridge collapsed. The team collected samples from the site which will be sent to forensic department for testing.

The big questions raised all around is what happened to this big collapse Why CM did not stop the construction work of company after they did not submit the blue print of the work when ordered by her

Kolkata Fly Over Collapsed

Kolkata Fly Over Collapsed