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Kollam Major Fire Accident Kills 109

Kollam Major Fire Accident Kills 109

Kollam Major Fire Accident Kills 109

It is worst fire accident forever in Kerala that happened during the fire work show at temple that killed at least 109 people and more than 400 severely injured.

The tragedy occurred when the fire work show happening in South Kollam's Puttingal Devi Temple at Paravur at early morning around 3:30 am on Sunday.

The incident happened when the crackers were made fly over different direction and one of it struck the store house where fireworks stored. There occurred heavy explosion and resulted in major fire and destroyed building. The explosion had impact for around 2 miles from the temple which shattered the doors and windows. About 150 kg of explosion were stocked in the store room illegally.

About 10000 people were present during the celebration in the temple which is around 70 km distance from the state capital. The fire show was actually banned by the local police officials but the temple authorities violated and went on for fire show.

Many were taken to the hospital and undergoing treatment while several were died on the way to the hospital. More than 40 people died on spot instantly. The government ordered to carry out the investigation about the cause. Police had registered case against temple authorities and fire contractor.

Majority were admitted in the government and private hospitals at Kollam. The incident took place at 500 years old temple where the fire shows is an annual celebration of the temple.

Prime Minister had ordered compensation of Rs. 2 lakh to the families who lost their loved ones. Chief Minister announced of about 10 lakh each. Injured people get Rs. 50000 from center and Rs. 2 lakh from the state government.

Kollam Major Fire Accident Kills 109

Kollam Major Fire Accident Kills 109