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Lance Naik Indian Soldier Passes Away

Lance Naik Indian Soldier Passes Away

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa, survivor of Siachen Glacier Avalanche was battling for life at the hospital. He was found by the rescue team on Monday in critical condition and was undergoing treatment for 3 days. From last Tuesday, his conditional became more critical. His organs began to lose the activity and finally today at 11:45 am his soul passed away.

It was confirmed by the doctors who attended him. He was admitted in R&R Hospital and he has been in intensive care. The soldier Lance Naik belongs to Madras regiment was found by the rescue team 6 days after the avalanche at Siachen Glacier on Feb 3. He was buried under 25 feet snow. The miracle happened when he was found alive. His pulses were week, he was unconscious and dehydrated when he was spotted. He was immediately taken to the hospital and given treatment but miracle does not continue. His final breath was taken at 11:45 am announced by doctors.

Nine other soldiers lost their lives in this avalanche. These soldiers were serving in 19000 feet glacier which is considered as the world's tallest and coldest battle field.

Lance Naik has a wife Mahadevi Ashok Bilebal and 2 year old daughter who live in Karnataka. He belongs to Betudar village of Dharwad district in Karnataka. His back ground is farming, 14 years ago he joined Madras regiment. In spite of many rejects he tried several times to get into the army. Lance Naik served in difficult areas for several years.

His village people and relatives celebrated when they heard good news about him. They flew from their village and was beside him. Whole India prayed for the recovery for this brave heart Jawan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his grief at his twitter page.

Today at 5:30 pm wreath laying ceremony will be held at Delhi's Brar Square. His final ceremony may be held by his family and relatives in his native.

Lance Naik Indian Soldier Passes Away

Lance Naik Indian Soldier Passes Away

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