Leopard Entered into Bangalore School Premises

       Published : Feb 08, 2016 16:32 IST    

Leopard Entered into Bangalore School Premises

An eight year old grown male leopard entered Bangalore school on Sunday. It is a good thing it is Sunday. It entered into the South-east Bangaluru Vibgyor High School and unruffled after 14 hours of struggles.

A long drama took place for 14 hours before the leopard caught. The security guard noted the leopard in the morning and informed to forest officials. The leopard entering to school premises and roaming inside the school is confirmed by the school’s CCTV camera. Forest Department officials tried to trap the animal inside the roam but in vain. It could harm people when it escapes out of school due the densely populated area, but they could not trap it. Two teams forest officials involved and two cages are brought to trap the animal.

Including wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi and two other school staffs were injured by the big cat. Sanjay Gubbi tried to climb the compound wall when he is noticed by the leopard. He was then pulled down by the leopard and he was attacked. When he was struggling to escape from the big cat by using his camera, the leopard was shot with tranquilizer. It left him and ran away into the rest room. After waiting for half an hour and confirmed about its sleep, it was found in swimming pool rest room which was sent to rescue center at Bannerghatta Biological Park. The animal was treated and kept under observation. The experts were rushing to trap it before the dark but managed to trap the big cat only at 8:30pm.

The leopard is from the nearby woody. It seems it lost its way and entered the school. It was first suspected it could entered inside the school premises at 4 am and after few hours in morning until late noon it was outside the school inside the bushes. Again it entered the school when the forest officers got close to it.

If it is a week days, we can't imagine what could be happened.

Leopard Entered into Bangalore School Premises

Leopard Entered into Bangalore School Premises

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