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Lorry strikes causes Rs. 2000 crores loss for the government

Lorry strikes causes Rs. 2000 crores loss for the government

Nationwide Lorry strikes held from October 1 by All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) affects the transportation of goods to various places and causes huge loss to the central government of Rs. 2000 crores.

Across the country 65 lakh Lorries were stopped infinitely that carries various goods to the states against the toll system in the nation. They underwent the strike after the talk failed between them and government. AIMTC mainly demands toll plaza to collect the money one time in a year, also to wind up particular toll plazas.

Due to this lorry strike central and state government faced huge loss. Regarding this Tamilnadu State Lorry Owners Federation states due to this the goods like onion, garlic, cotton, fruits and other commodities have been stopped from the northern states. Similarly the commodities like jowar, jaggery, steels, milk powder, ghee and vegetables from Tamilnadu were stopped that has to be sent to other states. The commodity from the goods train that has to be taken to various places was stopped.

Tamilnadu State Lorry Owners Federation also stated country wide 373 toll plazas are functioning and they have already earned more than they invested. They also stated across the nation there are nearly 93 lakh lorries and 65 lakh lorries does not function from October 1. Tamilnadu alone 4.5 lakh lorries are stopped.

The milk and vegetable Lorries are functioning considering the people basic need. In Nammakal alone 1 crore eggs was stacked which is to be sent to Kerala and 10 lakhs eggs to Karnataka.

The head of AIMTC said that it had suggested paying the Rs. 35000 for all India permit and Rs. 25000 from neighboring states and Rs. 15000 within the state.

The sand lorry owners got into road and expressed their opposition near the toll plazas in the National highway on Thursday.

Lorry strikes causes Rs. 2000 crores loss for the government

Lorry strikes causes Rs. 2000 crores loss for the government

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