Low Drought Relief Package For Tamil Nadu Farmers

       Published : Mar 23, 2017 18:46 IST    

Low Drought Relief Package For Tamil Nadu Farmers

After 14 days of agitation in Jantar Mantar finally Union Government on Tuesday took notice of the Tamil Nadu farmers. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met farmers and promised to consider their demands. Their demands worth about 39,000 crores that include drought relief and loan waive. But now Center had recommended Rs. 2,096 crores as a relief package to Tamil Nadu. This is very low amount as compared to the drought condition in the state.

The amount will be sanctioned from National relief fund. This fund is not acceptable say farmers and staged protest in front of Supreme Court justice residence. It relief fund is announced by Radha Mohan, Minister of Agriculture. The head of farmers association PR Pandiyan said Government had disappointed all of them.

But committee had allocated of Rs. 1748.28 crore for Tamil Nadu drought relief which is lower than the recommended amount and to Andhra Pradesh Rs. 518.93 crore from National disaster response fund (NDRF).

Meantime the Central Pollution Control Board permitted for the methane project in Tamil Nadu. This is severely opposed by Tamil Nadu people and some politicians. Neduvasal people suspended their protest after the government officials and leaders promised to take necessary action over it.

Low Drought Relief Package For Tamil Nadu Farmers

Low Drought Relief Package For Tamil Nadu Farmers

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