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Madurai Law Student Nandhini arrested 55th time Yesterday

Madurai Law Student Nandhini arrested 55th time Yesterday

Madurai law college student Nandhini is protesting against the alcohol in the state with her father Anandhan. They were arrested for the 55th time for protesting for the alcohol ban in Tamil Nadu.

She has been involved in many protests in several areas along with her father to insist the government to ban alcohol in the state. She is continuing her protest though she had been arrested for 54 times. Yesterday Nandhini with her father Anandhan in front of Madurai court stayed for fasting protest. Police arrested them and carried them allegedly.

As per the source, when asked to Nandhini she said her protest will continue until government bans the alcohol in the state. She had stated earlier she will show her protest raising black flag, but she suddenly changed it due to police restriction. They have been interrogated by the police in the Anna Nagar police station.

Minister Natham Vishwanathan had said earlier banning of alcohol in Tamil Nadu is not possible when the whole country is not banned.

Anti-liquor protest of Nadhini was continued for many years. She had been arrested for several times and released; now 55th arrest makes many people to look after her. She has been arrested at the mid night also during 2013 for her protest. She is bold enough to fight against anti-liquor. Many times she had protest with her college friends in the city.

Last year, Gandhiyan Sasi Perumal died during the protest against liquor shop is notable. He had also done many protests against anti-social properties including liquor shops in the state. Their fighting against the liquor is remarkable and unforgettable. Their protest must be answered and arresting them repeatedly can not be justified. Government should consider her long protest and giving good answer to her protest can change our society.

Madurai Law Student Nandhini arrested 55th time Yesterday

Madurai Law Student Nandhini arrested 55th time Yesterday

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