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Marathwada Farmers Suicide Due to Drought

Marathwada Farmers Suicide Due to Drought

Marathwada Farmers Suicide Due to Drought

Farmers commit suicides due to drought-hit region at Marathwada. On the first three weeks of February this year 50 farmers killed themselves. The death toll this year in two months January and February had been raised to 139. Earlier the state government had detailed to the media about the farmer's death so far as 89. Adding this month death it had become 139 died so far in Marathwada.

Last year alone 1100 farmers have committed suicide at the Marathwada region due to failure of crops says the source. As per the report these death occurs due to debts the farmer's occurred and could not repay it over the crop failure.

District officials say they could not control suicides in spite of all efforts taken by them. They had also launched Zero-Suicide plan in the district. They were struggling to provide drinking water to the people in the district. There is more than 16 lakh population in the district.

The well in and around the 125 villages was completely dried only 10 percent water in the remaining wells in the district. The district has nearly 20000 well which was almost dried. The officials said this is fallout of 4 years of drought.

Debt is the core reason of the farmer's suicides. Thousands of farmers killed themselves across the country due to crop failure over drought condition. Farmers all over the country demand more subsidies and insurance scheme for all crops.

Main reason for the crop failure is lack of better irrigation. Proper Irrigation facility should be there at the drought places. It should need immediate and long term plan. Large numbers of trees should be planted in the drought regions taken care with proper irrigation.

Another core reason of crop failure is chemical fertilizers. People debt and buy these chemical fertilizers and pesticides in high cost make use of them in high volumes on their land and slowly the land loss its fertility. Government should show the key interest in developing natural and organic agriculture vastly. This is the only way to get back our agriculture and protect our farmers.

Marathwada Farmers Suicide Due to Drought

Marathwada Farmers Suicide Due to Drought