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Mars Orbiter Mission First Birthday Celebrated by ISRO

Mars Orbiter Mission First Birthday Celebrated by ISRO

In 24th September 2015, Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) successfully completes one year on Mars. MOM was launched on 5th November 2013 and after 298 days of travel it reached Mars orbit on 24th September 2014.

ISRO scientists had celebrated one year of MOM mission on orbit of  Mars in grand manner on Thursday. Over 500 members attended the celebration meeting including mission scientist and their families and scientist form NASA also attended the function.

MOM has captured many images and these images are published by ISRO. First picture was taken immediately after entering in red planet orbit. Many 3D images are taken and sent by Mangalyan.

Mangalyan is set for the six months in the mars, but its life has extended. Earlier the scientists in ISRO said Mars is estimated for 6 months life period. Now they say due to 35 kg fuel present in the mars still, it may go many years since no fault in any sub systems so far.

Scientists say the theoretical explanation that 2 kg of fuel is hardly enough for MOM and this fuel remaining may make MOM to survive for 15 years. The other parts and sub parts of the mission should cope-up for survive. They assure that MOM will extend its life for another six months.

ISRO say it brings 'Fishing hamlet on Mars' book on the MOM launch day 5th November.

From 1960's many missions were launched to Mars from various Nations. USA had sent Maven from NASA on November 2013 and it was the second one.

MOM launch success in first attempt took India to the next level in the science and technology in space research. India has made MOM at low cost budget of Rs. 450 crores within 18 months period. Even Russia and USA could not do it in first attempt. The cost of this mission is much lower than the Hollywood block buster movies.

Mars Orbiter Mission First Birthday Celebrated by ISRO

Mars Orbiter Mission First Birthday Celebrated by ISRO

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