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Massive Earthquake Kills at least 263 in Afghanistan and Pak


On Monday, massive earthquake of magnitude 7.5 hits Afghanistan and Pakistan around 2:40 pm which claimed more than 250 lives. There also been heavy damage to the infrastructure in both the countries report says.

Heavy jolt was felt in entire North India and report says 4 were death in Jammu. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake centered deep beneath the Hindukush Mountains in northeast Afghanistan and there is heavy damage in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It killed around 260 people and there were also electricity and communication dropped down across the areas.

U.N. expressed its deepest condolences to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan especially for the people who lost their relatives and family in the incident. UN is ready to extent its help for those affected by the quake.

U.N. source says 'reports are still coming in but it is clear that there has been loss of life and serious damage to infrastructure in both countries.'

In Pakistan there was the heavy damage and many people were killed in the remote place where there the communication is damaged. There were landslides in the Karakoram Highway, some people says it was a glacier. Pakistan Geological department confirms the landslides between Gilgit and Baltistan. Some people witness the landslides in that area.

The earthquake originated more than 200km deep below the earth surface. In Pakistan death toll raised to 220 and nearly 2000 peoples injured and in Afghanistan it may be at least 50.

It is to be noted in April this year Nepal suffered from severe earthquake which killed 9000 people and about 9 lakh people lost their home.

Massive Earthquake Kills at least 263 in Afghanistan and Pak

Massive Earthquake Kills at least 263 in Afghanistan and Pak

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