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Massive Fire at Make in India Event

Massive Fire at Make in India Event

Massive Fire at Make in India Event

Massive Fire broke out at 'Make in India' event on Sunday night at 8:30 pm. The audience was scared when they saw the fire under the stage. The cause of the first was unknown. The authorities suspects it may be occurred through short circuit. They began their inquiry about the incident.

Chief Minister, Governor, VIPs and all audience were evacuated safely immediately after the fire breaks.  There were 5 exit points in which the officials drawn and escorted Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Governor C Vidhyasagar Rao and other VIPs safely from the place. Amithah Bachchan, Amir Khan and other celebrities were present at the event.

The other audience also does not have trouble in their exit. There were hundreds of dancers performing on stage who did not know immediately about the fire break. They continued performing on stage, they came to know only after smoke came furiously out of fire. Songs were stopped and they ran away safely.

Meanwhile the thousands of performers and artists behind the stage in green rooms immediately broken the doors and ran outside. The police and the fire service persons immediately took action and controlled the fire. The traffic police controlled the traffic where there was huge rush outside the venue.

The fire broke out when the dancers performing for popular 'Lavani' folk song. Nearly 10000 people were present at the venue when the fire broke out. All the things were brought under control. Safety norms were followed in the situation that made thousands of people to evacuate without injuries said the officials. About 14 fire engines and 10 water tankers were brought to control the fire.

Maharashtra Chief Minister had posted about the incident and the control measures taken by the government at the incident.

Union Minister Commerce and Industry stated about the incident is unfortunate and shared about the third day event about 'Make in India'.

Massive Fire at Make in India Event

Massive Fire at Make in India Event