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Minister Sellur Raju Saves Vaigai Dam Water Using Thermocol

Minister Sellur Raju Saves Vaigai Dam Water Using Thermocol

Tamil Nadu is almost dry everywhere. The state witnesses the high drought for past 3 years. It has been declared as drought hit state by the government. Meantime farmers are killing themselves for crop failure due to inefficient water. They are protesting in Delhi demanding loan waiver, Cauvery delta bench, drought relief and others.

Meantime Minister Sellur Raju has the novel idea to save Vaigai dam water on being evaporated using thermocol. Minister with his team came with some 300 thermocol sheets, attached them and made it to float on the water.

The winds disposed those sheets at shores within seconds.

It is noted to be a great comedy of the year. It looked foolish to handle this innovative method to prevent water from evaporation.

To make a demo on his innovative project, Tamil Nadu Co-operative Minister Sellur Raju with his supporters in several cars and media team arrived at the reservoir yesterday. They taped the sheets together and floated them into the huge dam. Soon after that the sheets were detached and flown away.

Then bunches of sheets were placed in the middle of the reservoir using two boats. Before they returned the sheets reached the shore reflecting their foolish act.

Apart from this, the intelligent minister fearlessly announced this high technology project cost Rs. 10 lakh to prevent water loss.

Madurai Vaigai dam is the great source of water to the region. The water is below 23 feet which has the capacity of 71 feet. As per the reports, the water found in the reservoir will be sufficient to Madurai city and surrounding regions only for next 20 days.

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Minister Sellur Raju Saves Vaigai Dam Water Using Thermocol

Minister Sellur Raju Saves Vaigai Dam Water Using Thermocol

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