Murdered Dalit Shankar Family Received Threat Letter

       Published : Mar 19, 2016 09:39 IST    

Murdered Dalit Shankar Family Received Threat Letter

Young dalit Shankar had been brutally murdered for marrying the upper cast women few days before in afternoon in the busy street at Udumalaipet. His wife was severely injured and admitted in the hospital. She is out of danger and treated at hospital. He was killed by his wife's father who does not support her marriage by sending some men.

The 4 culprits were arrested by the police and Chinnasamy (girl's father) surrendered to the police accepting the murder was planned by him.

Meanwhile the victim's family received threat letter from anonymous person giving warning about his two other sons to marry for dalit girls. Victim (Shankar)'s father Velusamy received threat letter stating

'Velusamy should remember that he should marry his two sons to lower caste girls. He should make his sons study only up to class five. Your Sons should become only the cobblers, they should not study in college. You have made mistake by sending your son to college and accepted his marriage with upper caste girl even after your wife insisted many times to send the girl to her house. You have committed mistake and now you have lost your son. Your sons can't become Hindu or any upper cast if they study colleges.'

Velusamy gave complaint to the police about this letter on Thursday. His younger son already reported to media that they have got threat earlier and now they are sending letters. They urged police to protect their family.

They gave complaint and handed letter to the Kumaralingam police station. The case was registered under Section 507 ((criminal intimidation by anonymous communication) of the Indian Penal Code and began investigation. The police officials investigating about the letter and the person sent it. The letter was posted with the name Allaudin from Onnipalayam village. The team of police visited the village and investigating.

Murdered Dalit Shankar Family Received Threat Letter

Murdered Dalit Shankar Family Received Threat Letter

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