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Nammalvar – a Great Organic Agriculturist to our Nation

Nammalvar – a Great Organic Agriculturist to our Nation

On 30 Dec 2013, natural agriculturist Nammalvar was bounded with the nature almighty. Nammalvar had created many organic farmers throughout our nation; he had sowed himself on this day for the development of natural agriculture and farming.

He had dedicated his whole life for people's health, our land health, farmer's wealth and agriculture. He fought for the organic agriculture, traditional seed varieties and to recover our small Millets. He had widely traveled across India for promoting the sustainable agriculture (low external inputs and more outputs).

He also traveled to many places across the world to know about the different types of farming according to the ecology. Based on his findings he had developed natural agricultural practices and trained several farmers. He had written several books on the natural farming and it has been translated in many languages.

He was B.Sc. Agriculture graduate from Annamalai University. He worked in Agricultural research government organization at Kovilpatti where several inorganic methods of farming were used using more inputs like chemical fertilizers and pesticides for getting more outputs. He had quit his job after the organization paid less attention to his words.

He had seeded many organizations like Millet Network of India (MINI) which had been started in 2008. He had founded NGO named Vanagam for training organic farming. He had fought for the patent rights of some of our native products for India. Many of our farmers and youths were inspired by his speech and become his followers. He had protested against BT vegetables and other BT food products in India that is too dangerous for the people who consume it.

In his last days he fought against the Methane extraction from our land (Cauvery delta region) which was recently banned by Tamilnadu Chief Minister.

Pasumai Vikatan had vastly followed Dr. Nammalvar and published several writings and thoughts of this great natural farmer. Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Channel also largely supported this organic scientist and published his thoughts.

The iconic organic scientist Nammalvar was born in 1938 at Elangadu, Thanjayur district and died in 2013 at Athivetti village in Thanjavur district.

Nammalvar – a Great Organic Agriculturist to our Nation

Nammalvar – a Great Organic Agriculturist to our Nation