Nanjil Sampath Removed from Deputy propaganda secretary of AIADMK

       Published : Jan 02, 2016 23:36 IST    

Nanjil Sampath Removed from deputy propaganda secretary of AIADMK. He was chosen for AIADMK post as soon as left from MDMK party by current Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha and gifted with Toyota Innova car.

Tamil Nadu was facing lots of issues in 2015 last few months in many fields including politics, cinemas and more.

Opening 2016 gave little changes to few but with viral message over social media about Nanjil Sampath interview cuttings with Thanthi TV and Puthiya Thalaimurai (2016) changed his life. His controversial interview with these channels made the higher authority of the party to take the action immediately. More over the party is not satisfied with his earlier interviews with Thanthi TV (2014).

The spokes man of AIADMK party Nanjil Sampath on the interview to the media on Sunday spoke about the Party's grand general council meeting. He said the wedding can't be stopped when there is death in the neighbor's house. He said all the arrangements were made after getting the people's wish from the nearby place.

Looks like most of party members started looking at social media nowadays. Anyhow AIADMK always take immediate action without any hesitation,  who ever it is. He is removed from the Propaganda secretary of AIADMK only. He is still the member of AIADMK party. If this followed by all parties, well and good for Tamil Nadu and particular party development.


Nanjil Sampath Removed from Deputy propaganda secretary of AIADMK

Nanjil Sampath Removed from Deputy propaganda secretary of AIADMK

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